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Sandra Rye Baggett is a retired kindergarten teacher with 45 years experience in teaching kindergarten and pre-k. She has 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. She has been married to her childhood sweetheart for almost 52 years. Sandra is actively involved in her community. She attends Erin Church of the Nazarene, where she volunteers with EKIDS; is a member of the Houston County Chamber of Commerce; is a member of D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution); Volunteers at the Bethesda Mission and Second Harvest Food Distribution; attends the J.D. Lewis Senior Center and is a member of the Senior Brain Games team, as well as other local organizations. She continues to volunteer in the schools with flag etiquette programs for first graders, Read-to-Me activities, and Junior Achievement programs. Sandra’s life is centered around God, home, and country.

When my granddaughter was 5 yrs. old, she ask me to make up a song about a butterfly. I did and we sang the song for years. I also taught the song to my grandson and my students from 2000-2010 when I retired.

Flitter, Flutter, Butterfly!
Author: Sandra Rye Baggett
Illustrator: Nancy Vinson Nave

Flitter, Flutter, Butterfly! is intended to provide parents and teachers with a unit approach to teaching science and nature. The ideas included are easily adapted to children of many levels with learning experiences to inspire inquiry through the study of the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

The book begins with a beautifully illustrated butterfly poem that is simple enough for early readers to grasp. Projects and activities designed for different learning styles engage the child through the senses of sight, touch and hearing. Music for a butterfly song is included in the book as well as ideas for dance, art, journal writing, and a science project that lets the child actually witness a butterfly breaking out of the chrysalis.
As an added bonus, Sandra has included a CD (MP3 file available online) for the butterfly song.

Sandra Rye Baggett taught pre-k/kindergarten for over 45 years. She included the butterfly unit in the curriculum and taught the song to her students and grandchildren. Nancy Vinson Nave is a retired high school art teacher who has remained friends with Sandra since childhood. They hope you enjoy sharing this book with children as much as they enjoyed creating it.

Nancy Vinson Nave is a retired teacher of art, English, and theatre. She is interested in the art of storytelling and the crafting of handmade books, and she believes that reading and sharing stories enriches the lives of families and communities. Nancy is the founder of the Houston County Arts Council and Houston County Community Theatre in her hometown. She is the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher in the Humanities Award from Humanities Tennessee.

Flitter, Flutter Butterfly

Flitter, Flutter Butterfly